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Placing Limitations on Imagination: Banned Books in America

As an avid reader and a writer, this topic hits home for me for multiple reasons, but one is that one of the authors that is being banned almost as soon as she releases a book, is sitting on my shelf and has been for years. Her first book that I read is actually on the banned book list for reasons that I will go over in this project. 


I want to do a pretty interactive blog posting, starting with an opening video from myself, (would like to open with me reading a section of “Crank" by Ellen Hopkins, one of the banned books I own), then diving into the text with information about banned books (latest information was collected 2021-22).

There is also a banned books section in my local Barnes and Noble that I would like to do a video/reading off to do a different style of displaying the different types of authors and subject matters being banned across the United States.

I would then like to weave in multiple different data visualizations such as data charts/graphs on the types of books being banned, infographics on targeted readers, chart on specific authors, etc.  


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